Hello friends! Welcome to the Creative Bits Podcast!

We are two artists who fiercely believe that anyone can be a bit creative; it’s just a matter of making the time and finding the right tools.

With this podcast, we hope to inspire you to take the leap and live a more creative life. Meanwhile we will cheer you on and share tips on building those creative habits, bit by bit

Volta & Bree


Episode 10 – Mental Mountain Series: Reasons to Cultivate Your Creativity

Why should you bother to set aside time to be creative? It’s easy to say, “what’s the point?” or “I have other more important things I could be doing” rather than to set aside time to cultivate your creativity. We totally get it! On today’s episode Volta and Bree dive in to this mental mountain …

9: From Nanny to Full Time Artist: Interview with Shaylene Reynolds (BONUS EPISODE)

This week we are talking to Alaskan artist Shaylene Reynolds on this super special bonus episode! We will resume our Mental Mountain Series for the next episode, but there are only TWO episodes left in this series. After the series is over, we will be doing a Season 1 Finale episode where we will be …