1: Intro to Creative Bits Podcast

Welcome to the Creative Bits Podcast!Welcome to the Creative Bits Podcast with visual artists and creativity crusaders, Volta and Bree! This is our very first introduction episode where we briefly introduce ourselves and the creative bits we’ll be doing in this bi-monthly podcast that will help you be more creative regardless of experience, budget, time, or space.


Creative Bits

  • Art Story or Headline: We’ll share an interesting article or piece of news about the art world, artists, or something creative


  • Creative Workout: Like a challenge, but without the challenge. Just get that creative muscle warmed up a bit & get some encouragement from your fellow Creative Bitsies! Share yours on Instagram with #CBPWorkout


  • Goodie of the Week! We’ll recommend some of our favorite supplies, books, apps, and more to jumpstart your creative practice for budgets ranging from inexpensive to “treat yo self”


  • Soul Chai: We’ll wrap up each episode sharing and discussing a creativity-inspiring quote that will be sure to leave you warm & tingly inside. Like chai.

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