3: Mental Mountain Series: “I Don’t Have Time to Make Anything”

How do people like Elon Musk seem to accomplish so much more than everyone else? We all have the same 24 hours in the day to work with, so how come it seems like some people have more time for things than I do? I can barely manage to go to work and take care of my family–how can I possibly squeeze in something else? Or maybe you think setting aside time for something that brings you joy feels selfish.

These are all valid feelings and questions. In this first episode in the Mental Mountain series Volta & Bree discuss these thoughts and feelings that continuously keep us from working on or committing to a creative pursuit.

We’ll also outline specific tips and ways to inject time for creativity into your daily routine. These are ways we personally use to get out of creative ruts, or when we feel bound and paralized by obligations (#adulting). Hopefully one of these tricks will help you take a small step towards conquering this doozy of a mountain! Mountains are challenging and have their ups and downs, but are always worth it at the end of the climb!!!

Creative Bits

Art Story 📖

A recent study shows that necessary observational skills for doctors can be developed by studying art!

Source: https://psmag.com/news/medical-students-benefit-from-studying-visual-art

Creative Workout 💪

Like a challenge, but without the challenge. Just get that creative muscle warmed up a bit & get some encouragement from your fellow Creative Bitsies! This episode’s creative workout only takes 5 minutes for 5 days!

👉 Check out our creative workouts and share yours on Instagram with #CBPWorkout

Goodie of the Week! 🍬

Grab this small but mighty sketchbook and you can draw or paint literally ANYWHERE for under $15.

Soul Chai ☕

We’ll wrap up discussing a quote about the benefits of doodling…and there’s nothing less intimidating than a doodle!

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