4: Mental Mountain Series: “Supplies Are Expensive”

This Mental Mountain is STRAIGHT UP fear-based. Volta & Bree dig into the root of this fear before we dig in to practical things you can use to get started. While art supplies (musical instruments, graphic design software, etc) can cost megabucks, with some creativity and a bit of research you can create with anything. We can’t stress this enough–don’t overcomplicate it. You can create with things you already have in your home if you stretch your creative muscle, go on a quick scavenger hunt, and stay open-minded. Even simple tools and materials can be elevated through concept and technique.

We’ll give you a list of many different ways to overcome the budget excuse like skipping your Starbucks run (just once!) to pay for your Crayola watercolor set, to using things you already have around your house. We’ve already seen a lot of you getting creative with your mediums for your #CBPWorkout, so let’s keep it going and take it to the next level!!!

Creative Bits

Art Story 📖

Did you know you can paint inside The Louvre?! Why would you want to?

Source: https://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2017/10/05/how-to-walk-out-of-the-louvre-with-a-masterpiece/

Creative Workout 💪

Like a challenge, but without the challenge. Just get that creative muscle warmed up a bit & get some encouragement from your fellow Creative Bitsies! This episode’s creative workout can be done over breakfast or your morning coffee!

👉 Check out our creative workouts and share yours on Instagram with #CBPWorkout. We love seeing your work!😍

Goodie of the Week! 🍬

Quality greatly affects the outcome and process, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are two artist-approved watercolor sets to get you started quick–one is under $5! Treat yo self with the Koi Sakura set, $20 for 24 colors! (#notanad)

Soul Chai ☕

We’ll wrap up discussing a quote about creativity from one of the greats, Henri Matisse.

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