Episode 10 – Mental Mountain Series: Reasons to Cultivate Your Creativity

Why should you bother to set aside time to be creative? It’s easy to say, “what’s the point?” or “I have other more important things I could be doing” rather than to set aside time to cultivate your creativity. We totally get it! On today’s episode Volta and Bree dive in to this mental mountain and discuss why creativity is important, and the benefits of strengthening your creative muscle. We hope with all of these reasons it’s good to spend time on your creativity, you’ll be able to combat any thoughts of it being a waste of time. It’s truly an investment in your wellbeing!

Creative Bits

Art Story 📖
This is an amazing story about artists using GIFs (those awesome looping animated images) to bring historical artworks to life.


Story: https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-hilarious-gifs-bring-art-history-life


Creative Workout 💪

Like a challenge, but without the challenge. Just get that creative muscle warmed up a bit & get some encouragement from your fellow Creative Bitsies. For this episode’s workout, you’ll be thinking about your emotions and drawing something tied to that emotion. Check out this link to see what you should draw based on what you’re feeling: https://www.higherperspectives.com/art-therapy-1472847002.html


👉 Don’t forget to share your workouts on Instagram with #CBPWorkout! We love seeing your work!😍


Goodie of the Week! 🍬

This week’s goodie is a book by Keri Smith called Wreck this Journal. This creative journal has prompts that lead you through all kinds of creative exercises such as gluing, cutting, scratching, and more. It is sure to be a a great tool for expanding your creative thinking. (P.S. we aren’t sponsored by any of these products or companies. These are honestly the things we use all the time and have come to love so much we want to share the love with you!)


Soul Chai ☕️

Image by Austin Kleon


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9: From Nanny to Full Time Artist: Interview with Shaylene Reynolds (BONUS EPISODE)

This week we are talking to Alaskan artist Shaylene Reynolds on this super special bonus episode! We will resume our Mental Mountain Series for the next episode, but there are only TWO episodes left in this series. After the series is over, we will be doing a Season 1 Finale episode where we will be celebrating all of you who have either started or restarted your creative journey🎉

Continue reading “9: From Nanny to Full Time Artist: Interview with Shaylene Reynolds (BONUS EPISODE)”

8: Mental Mountain Series: Punching Perfectionism in the Face

Perfectionism was the #1 killer of our artwork for many years. We put the pressure on ourselves to sit down and create a masterpiece every single time we went to make art. No one ever told us to expect to make bad art! We couldn’t deal with the pressure or the idea of making bad art, so we just didn’t make anything. Don’t fall into this mind trap! In this jam-packed-with-awesome episode we share practical ways to overcome perfectionism and our personal struggles with it so YOU can get back to the joy of creating! Continue reading “8: Mental Mountain Series: Punching Perfectionism in the Face”

7: Mental Mountain Series: How to Overcome Blank Page Anxiety

Are you avoiding your creative work? Or hard core procrastinating? If you’ve ever started to make something in your adult years then chances are you’ve experienced what we like to call “blank page anxiety.” This is when you sit down to make something and all of a sudden you feel paralyzed from fear of “messing it up.” Bree and Volta discuss more than 10 fun ways you can practice overcoming this mental mountain. Bonus: you’ll also get to hear Bree find out what a “numpty” is! Continue reading “7: Mental Mountain Series: How to Overcome Blank Page Anxiety”

6: Mental Mountain Series: “I Don’t Have a Space to Create”

Have you been putting off your creative work because you don’t have the right space for it right now? Don’t complicate this one, friends. I’ve painted in my garage in the Texas summer heat, used a table-top easel in a computer closet, and splattered paint all over my kitchen floor. Other times I stopped making work completely just because I didn’t have a place for my supplies and easel. SMH. It was an excuse I came back to periodically because it was easier than facing my fears.

Continue reading “6: Mental Mountain Series: “I Don’t Have a Space to Create””

5: Mental Mountain Series: “I Don’t Know How to be Creative”

Do you see people on Instagram creating breathtaking work and think that you’ll never be able to get there? Did you have an awful experience in your past that caused you to put your pencil and markers down and now you have no idea how to pick them back up? On this episode we’re here to help you climb the mental mountain of how to be creative. This is the third episode in our mental mountain series which are the excuses we tell ourselves that prevent us from answering the call to create. Continue reading “5: Mental Mountain Series: “I Don’t Know How to be Creative””

4: Mental Mountain Series: “Supplies Are Expensive”

This Mental Mountain is STRAIGHT UP fear-based. Volta & Bree dig into the root of this fear before we dig in to practical things you can use to get started. While art supplies (musical instruments, graphic design software, etc) can cost megabucks, with some creativity and a bit of research you can create with anything. We can’t stress this enough–don’t overcomplicate it. You can create with things you already have in your home if you stretch your creative muscle, go on a quick scavenger hunt, and stay open-minded. Even simple tools and materials can be elevated through concept and technique.

We’ll give you a list of many different ways to overcome the budget excuse like skipping your Starbucks run (just once!) to pay for your Crayola watercolor set, to using things you already have around your house. We’ve already seen a lot of you getting creative with your mediums for your #CBPWorkout, so let’s keep it going and take it to the next level!!! Continue reading “4: Mental Mountain Series: “Supplies Are Expensive””

3: Mental Mountain Series: “I Don’t Have Time to Make Anything”

How do people like Elon Musk seem to accomplish so much more than everyone else? We all have the same 24 hours in the day to work with, so how come it seems like some people have more time for things than I do? I can barely manage to go to work and take care of my family–how can I possibly squeeze in something else? Or maybe you think setting aside time for something that brings you joy feels selfish.

Continue reading “3: Mental Mountain Series: “I Don’t Have Time to Make Anything””

2: Who are Volta & Bree?

In this episode, Volta and Bree interview each other to reveal how our art journeys began and where they are now (at the time of recording), Volta’s taco obsession, and how Bree somehow escaped the woods of East Texas without an accent. Continue reading “2: Who are Volta & Bree?”

1: Intro to Creative Bits Podcast

Welcome to the Creative Bits Podcast!Welcome to the Creative Bits Podcast with visual artists and creativity crusaders, Volta and Bree! This is our very first introduction episode where we briefly introduce ourselves and the creative bits we’ll be doing in this bi-monthly podcast that will help you be more creative regardless of experience, budget, time, or space.


Creative Bits

  • Art Story or Headline: We’ll share an interesting article or piece of news about the art world, artists, or something creative


  • Creative Workout: Like a challenge, but without the challenge. Just get that creative muscle warmed up a bit & get some encouragement from your fellow Creative Bitsies! Share yours on Instagram with #CBPWorkout


  • Goodie of the Week! We’ll recommend some of our favorite supplies, books, apps, and more to jumpstart your creative practice for budgets ranging from inexpensive to “treat yo self”


  • Soul Chai: We’ll wrap up each episode sharing and discussing a creativity-inspiring quote that will be sure to leave you warm & tingly inside. Like chai.